About Us

Carpentry and Painting Services Osby

Welcome to Osby Trä Snickeri & Måleri AB, your reliable source for exceptional carpentry and painting services. With over 25 years of experience, we take pride in delivering precise, high-quality work that exceeds your expectations.

Crafting Unique Spaces with Carpentry Expertise

Elevate your surroundings with bespoke woodworking by Osby Trä Snickeri & Måleri AB. Our skilled artisans craft custom furniture and fixtures, turning your vision into reality.

Bringing Colors to Life with Professional Painting

Transform your home or workplace with expert painting services in Osby. Our experienced painters ensure flawless finishes, vibrant colours, and attention to every detail.

Comprehensive Woodworking and Painting Solutions

Every project is manageable with our skilled team. Whether it’s a custom-built furniture piece, room painting, or a complete renovation, we approach each task with a detailed plan.

Our expertise extends to various woodworking projects, from bespoke cabinetry and elegant hardwood flooring to custom-made wooden fixtures. We bring beauty and functionality to your space.

Professional Painting for Lasting Impressions

In addition to carpentry, our professional painting solutions renew spaces. Whether interior or exterior painting, colour consultations, or speciality finishes, we bring your desired aesthetic to life.

Punctuality is our commitment. We understand the importance of delivering on time, ensuring you enjoy your beautifully crafted, freshly painted space without unnecessary delays.

Customer satisfaction is our core. We value open communication and taking the time to understand your needs. By tailoring our approach, we deliver results aligned with your vision.

Experience the professionalism and craftsmanship of Osby Trä Snickeri & Måleri AB. Contact us today to discuss your woodworking and painting needs, and let us transform your space into something truly exceptional.